we wrote an Easter poem

The thing about school and nursery is that they can steal your thunder a bit. Like with all of the Easter crafting stuff. You spend an age pinning ideas on to Pinterest of things to make and do with your little bunnies and when it comes to basket-weaving time, they’re all like “Yeah, already done that, so can you just fill it with loads of eggs please? Oh and hey – MAKE ‘EM CHOCOLATE!!”

Okay, so things haven’t reached quite that stage. But still – Easter baskets, Easter bonnets, Easter chicks made from egg cartons – they’d done it all before I even got a look-in.


So I was quietly pleased this morning to present them with a bunny-themed breakfast – admittedly, it was made up of scraps that I wanted to use up before we go away and, as such, not particularly virtuous in unprocessed food terms: there’s some definite salami and bread making an appearance there, as well as the omelette, tomato, olives and cucumber – but hey, they enjoyed it (although one of them did comment on the lack of fluffy tail .. grrr .. what, you want me to give you some of the mould-fluff from the out-of-date cheese for breakfast do you? DO YOU??!!)


And then we turned our hands to a spot of poetry. Acrostic poetry none the less. About – no, go on, you’ll never guess – Easter!!

So here’s the result. I love this poem, not only because my children wrote it, but because of the random realism of the fourth line, sandwiched between all of the idyllic tweeness. Too funny!

Eggs wrapped in shiny paper

Animals with their young

Sun is shining, sky is blue

Teeth go rotten from so much chocolate

Emerald grass, golden daffodils

Rabbits hop among them

Hope everyone has a very happy, tooth-decay-free Easter!