my local store stocks Inspiral products

Who’da thunk. My little, unassuming local store stocks a range of goodies from Camden-based Inspiral. We’re talking cacao nibs, raw crackits and kale chips (I usually buy the wasabi wheatgrass variety but am so trying the cacao & cinammon as soon as I’ve finished this¬†21 Day Sugar Detox.)¬†Which is another thing to be happy about – cutting sugar – in all forms, even fruit, for the moment – does amazing things for the tummage. Almost instant pancake. Okay, maybe we don’t talk about pancakes. But flat, flat, flat. And it was pretty painless by about Day 3. Bit of a fuggy head, bit of a 3pm slump, but nothing that that a black coffee with a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon couldn’t rectify. Result!