It’s all Good

Nope, I haven’t been perusing the new Gwyneth Paltrow book. It’s just that today is good, Good Friday, to be exact.

Which means no school, and consequently no nagging this morning; kids loafing about in PJs eating fresh berries and pancakes (made with Dove’s Farm gluten free flour because, like Calgary Avansino in last weekend’s Sunday Times Style, in article that referenced – positively -Gywnnie’s approaches to feeding her family, I’m not fanatical about what my children eat but try to balance out inevitable gluttony – well, it’s Easter, isn’t it – with some less toxic choices) until their sparkling insides were so far at odds with the slatternliness of their exteriors that I had to chase them upstairs and into clean(ish) clothes.


Next, there was the joy of opening yesterday’s post. Not a bill to be seen but instead, the my-wardrobe SS13 Style Guide and best of all, a lovely, heart-warming card from my friend Rachel with some adorable Mibo paper animals for my children to create.


And the sun is shining! What an auspicious start to the holidays. I’m off out for a run to soak  it up while it lasts – admittedly, I am running to Ayres the Bakers to pick up Hot Cross Buns for our Easter lunch and egg hunt with friends this afternoon. But like I said, it’s Easter. Gluttony is inevitable. And for grain-free me? Would you believe that the lovely, thoughtful people at my local Budgens saved me the last Inspiral raw chocolate egg? I heart them.

Really better go for that run though….


Not about to buy 2 for 1 supermarket Hot Cross Buns when Ayres are cranking out babies like these!

Not about to buy 2 for 1 supermarket Hot Cross Buns when Ayres are cranking out babies like these!


I had treats and surprises

Well, it is Mother’s Day.

But with my husband away working and my three munchkins too young to manage the intricacies of breakfast in bed and pulling the interesting sections and supplements from the paper to give to me, I wasn’t expecting too much from the day.

To be fair, it has been a fairly ordinary day – plenty of laundry, tidying up, dishwashing, cooking, breaking up of bickering and feelings of irritation/ groundhog-iness. But then, I suppose it’s unrealistic to expect that Mothering Sunday should be completely remote from the reality of Mothering? (I live in hope though … and the Australian one, which we will also observe, takes place in about 2 months …)

But there were Nice Things too, even aside from the usual nice things that happen in a day with your children. There were the cards, including one that said, alarmingly, ‘Happy Moths Day’, a message that sent me scurrying straight to my collection of cashmere, most notably my Banjo & Matilda star sweater, to make sure that it was stocked with plenty of fresh lavender sachets and cedar balls.



And then there was my gift – a voucher for a whole day drawing workshop with Sketchout at the V&A, on an available day of my choice. I am so excited. There was a Groupon offer on this workshop recently, which sold out by the time I’d proceeded to purchase, so to be able to do it after all – a whole day of drawing (which I’m not much good at, but am trying to get better) in one of my favourite places! Utter joy. What clever children.

And every Mother’s Day needs something in the way of a cakey treat doesn’t it? My diet’s pretty restricted though, which meant that when I was buying cupcakes for the children yesterday (a special ballet one for my daughter, who’d just done her first ever ballet exam) I couldn’t partake of the luscious-looking Mother’s Day specials so abundant at über-baker Ayres, in Nunhead.


It was Chocolate Covered Katie to the rescue, with her divine looking Fudge Babies. I didn’t have everything that I needed to follow her recipe so ended up with a few variations. Which worked perfectly. Especially with coffee. Seriously sensational little morsels of truffly goodness, which come in at about 75 calories each if you use my recipe (which I’ve included below). I added the banana just for moisture, so that the mixture would go from crumbly to doughy; I think almond butter or coconut cream would work just as well. I don’t indulge much in the way of foodie treats, so until my kids can rustle up that breakfast in bed I mentioned, this will do me perfectly. 

Hope all of you have had happy Sundays, whether you are mothers (or with your mothers) or not.



Cocoa Balls

30g almond flour

30g almonds

110g pitted dates

20g raw cacao powder (I use Inspiral products, they rock)

1/8 tspn salt

1tspn vanilla extract

50g banana (just for moisture- could experiment with nut butter/ avocado/ coconut cream)

Whizz everything up in the food processor, form into about 10 balls, refrigerate until firm.