every bed in the house has fresh, line-dried sheets

It’s no particular novelty to be getting into a freshly-laundered and made up bed – I’m slatternly, but not that much – but I dislike running the dryer almost as much as I dislike sheets festooned around the house. I generally tend to soothe my eco-guilt and aesthetic sensibilities simultaneously, by hanging stuff up on the airer overnight, and then finishing it off briefly in the tumble dryer before school. Bit of a hassle, but it’s not like I’m busy saving lives the rest of the time.

Knowing what today’s weather had in store, however… I think I had those sheets and covers stripped off before anyone was even properly out of bed. By 8.30am, they were flapping lazily on the line as the shadows in the backyard receded. I didn’t want to remake the beds with linen from the cupboard; much better to hold out until this lot were dry. Tonight, we’ll all sleep with that fresh-air-and-daylight smell, and dream about the summer to come.