I caught up with two friends

Not just one, but two. 

Does that make me sound like a proper saddo? The fact that catching up with friends is so rare and special as to be worthy of a blog post?

But here’s the thing: I see friends – sometimes they could probably more realistically be called acquaintances – a lot. But often fleetingly, at the school gates. Or disjointedly, with children running around. Or en masse, at a party, where one to one conversation is tricky, even if my lousy hearing didn’t make conversation of any type difficult.

It’d been a long time since I last saw the friends I caught up with today, which made meeting up with them exciting enough. But added to this was the fact that I saw each of them on their own, one by day and one at night.

So from the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum while the children were at school and nursery, to drinks at Canary Wharf’s Plateau tonight, with good company, easy conversation and lots of laughs for both, I feel like I’ve had the best of both worlds today.

And on a different, but related note, I am feeling quite self-congratulatory about having resisted the lure of yet another grey sweater. It was Whistles, it was lovely, it was on a good markdown at House of Fraser. And oh, how I love a grey sweater. I’m embarrassed to put how many of them I own in print.

But after the riot of colour to which we were treated at the Kaffe exhibition, honestly, how could I have justified it?

(I have however, bookmarked the sweater on my laptop. Juuuust in case I need something to make me happy tomorrow …)

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