I let him have the Saturday lie-in

Presumably most couples with children take it in turns to stay in bed on a weekend morning? Yesterday, I let my husband have first dibs: I’m not great at switching straight into Relax Mode on a Saturday, as I am too full of thoughts of Stuff To Be Done. So I was up with my earlybird children, making pancakes, stripping & laundering the beds and re-making them with fresh linen, supervising homework and taking them off to swimming lessons while Husband slept off the effects of a long week at work.

Today, my turn. We had dinner at the truly excellent Magdalen last night and a slight dessert wine fug left me very glad that it was my turn to lounge about in bed. On top of that, it was a sunny morning, so my husband took the kids to (and I avoided) the park (result!). Tucked up under my beautiful White Company blanket, a birthday present from one of my dearest friends, I drank Nespresso and admired the blue sky through the windows over my head. And – total joy – it’s a mega bumper issue of the Sunday Times Style supplement today. Bliss!